First blog post

Oct. 4, 2017 i received the item
Oct. 4, 2017 same day i returned the package completely

1. Oct. 5 2017 i contact lazada live chat to raised the issue of my returned item. on said date tinanong ko na yung CS kung di ba mag kaka problema yung returned item ko at yung logged in accounts ko na hindi na signed out, dahil unusable na yung touch screen ng phone at kahit ano gawin ko ayaw na mag function.

CS Joshua: there will be no problem in my accounts and they will treated my files confidential. he said the evaluation will take 3-5 days but in the other email he send it take 1-2 days for evaluation.

2.Oct. 8, 2017 i received email from lazada that they will ship back the defective item to me dahil di daw nila ko makontak to ask kung ano yung reason bakit ko binalik yung phone.

Oct. 4, 2017 sa pag pa ship pa lang sa LBC at sa pag filled out ko ng return form nila naka detailed na dun na defective yung phone.

Oct. 5, 2017 nag update din ako ng specific reason kung ano yung sira ng phone sa live chat CS nila.

*kaya nag reply ako sa email questioning the CS na wala ako na rereceived na missed calls or email from them asking me they need the reason why i ship back the phone to them. di sila nag reply, kaya i contact again their live chat support.

me: i raised again the issue and ask bakit nila i shiship back sakin yung defective item

CS Anferick-E ask me specific reason why i ship back the item
Me: Because its defective touch screen and completely unusable
CS Anferick-E naka tanggap ba kayo ng email? wala pa kasi update sa system namin, ifofollow up ko na lang sa warehouse, paki disregard na lang muna ng email na nareceive niyo.

3. Oct. 9,2017 i contact again the live chat support about the update
CS Alyssa-E its still under evaluation

4. Oct. 9, 2017 i receive a text message that they will ship back to me the defective phone because i did not logged out my account and it has password. i leave to work immediately to call them. its like they want to blackmail me to give all my password, may be to repair and sell it again to other or give it back to me after the repair.

i spoke to their CS in landline explaining  how can i logged out my account if the phone is inaccessible. she said their need my password, so even its to risky for me to give my personal password i gave to them just to end the issue.

Oct.9 2017 after i gave my password i receive email that they will evaluate again the phone because i forwarded my password to them. its so lame excuse because in the first place they don’t need my password just to check if the phone is defective. just looking at the lock screen or pressing hardware button of the phone they will notice that the screen of the phone is not functioning. i’m sure they will repair it and sell again in the market or they will bring back to customer denying that there is no problem in the phone after the repair.

Note: i have video recorded that phone i received is defective and screen shots conversation to their customer support. the LBC personnel also tested the phone before i ship back the phone to them and said to me that lazada will just repair it and sell again in the market, they said it always same scenario their encounter every day. same reviews what i read to other lazada that have bad experience to their Customer service.

  • Because of their poor action about the issue i file a complaint to Dti and we have schedule hearing on Oct. 19, 2017.

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